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Vegeta is seen 130 days later from the defeat of Frieza still in his tattered clothes. However, during the following saga, the Garlic Jr. Saga, he is seen with his outfit in pristine condition. This episode is the first instance of Bulma showing signals of interest in Vegeta, despite her still being in a relationship with Yamcha at the time.

Bulma and ChiChi wedgie story - deviantart.com Bulma the wife of Sayian prince Vegeta is with ChiChi, wife of Goku "Kakarot" and a strong warrior who invited Bulma in an adventure in the jungle. Bulm... Bulma and ChiChi wedgie story. Deviant Art: Search. ... though she had just assumed it was the gamblers usual poker face. Dragon Ball Super Future Trunks Arc / Tear Jerker - TV Tropes The episode also lays into us the revelation that Vegeta also took Future Bulma's death hard. And he is angry, despite what his poker face displays. It's to the point that he intends to seek out and kill Goku Black in retribution for his inexcusable crime. Episodes 52-56 . From the Shadows to Godhood, with My Pink Angel - Chapter ... "Well seeing as how you beat Trunks, I guess I'll listen to your story and see why Bulma took an interest in you." Izuku told Vegeta everything about his past, from the time that he was 4 years old to the present. Vegeta had a poker face on the entire time Izuku was talking, but on the inside, he was conflicted.

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Bulma’s face fell, that tiny line he adored appearing between her eyebrows, “Well hello to you too, grouchy.” ... Being a good lawyer meant having a good poker face, and Vegeta always had believed his was the best in the business. It’s how he acquired his own law firm at 25 and had been successful ever since. ... vegeta bulma vegebul ... Reborn as Vegeta - Chapter 25 - Webnovel - Your Fictional ... Bulma said with stars in her eyes, "What a great wish honey!" Bulma gave Vegeta a kiss on the cheek. "Now we can find anything we want in space!" "Search for nearest intelligent lifeforms," Vegeta smiled as he commanded. ... while Vegeta was kicked across the face and sent falling into the nearby water. List of Dragon Ball characters - Wikipedia

A page for describing Pantheon: Transformations. Greater Gods Baby, God of Transforming His Hosts Greater God (Overdeity under a powerful host like Vegeta) …

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In super when goku mentions how chi chi is kind of aggressive vegeta says he wasn't shocked as sayian women were known for being tough and in your face. Piccolo shouts he knew it apparently makeing the connections between bulma and chi chi.